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2021.09.21 News & Topics



這次的線上講談會以「如何重新設計汽車產業中從駕駛體驗到實驗原型的開發流程」為題,敝公司成員的Pratim Duda將與 LP Research的 Klaus Petersen 一同以訪談的形式進行。




線上講談會名稱Discover how automotive designers are taking concepts from screen to full-scale drivable models in recode time.
時間2021年 9月 29日
主講者Pratim Dutta(Innovation Strategist)PHIARO CORPORATION, INC.
Klaus Petersen, Ph.D(Co-Founder)LP RESEARCH
Marcus Olsson(Head of Software Partnerships)VARJO TECHNOLOGIES
講談會內容In this free 1-hour webinar, Varjo will host Phiaro and LP Research to explore how they are radically redefining concept-to-prototype workflows in the automotive industry by creating full-scale immersive test-driving experiences.

Their project, with a working title of NGDP, enables designers to take concepts from the screen to the road profoundly faster than ever before. Using a modular, modifiable chassis paired with in-motion tracking and Varjo mixed reality, Phiaro’s state-of-the-art solution creates a realistic first-person experience empowering on-the-fly iterations and realistic testing scenarios.

Learn why this revolutionary tool for automotive design is radically reducing costs, saving significant time on concept iterations, and increasing opportunity for rapid innovation.