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2021.09.21 News & Topics

Phiaro will introduce their internal project “NGDP” at a webinar hosted by Varjo Technologies

On 29th September, we will speak at a webinar hosted by Varjo.

The theme of this webinar is “How we redefine concept-to-prototype workflow in the driving experience of the automotive industry” with Pratim Dutta from Phiaro Corporation and Klaus Petersen from LP Research.

We will share details about how we used Mixed Reality in our NDGP (Next Generation Development Platform) project by using Varjo’s XR-3 virtual reality kit.
We will investigate how the developers used the technology to reduce cost, make design reviews and virtually experience the vehicle, and radical development in the future of the automotive industry.

The article page by Varjo of the NGDP (Next Generation Development Platform) is here.

Webinar TitleDiscover how automotive designers are taking concepts from screen to full-scale drivable models in record time.
DateSeptember 29th, 2021
【Session #1】04:00 p.m.(JST)
【Session #2】11:00 a.m.(EST)
SpeakersPratim Dutta(Innovation Strategist)PHIARO CORPORATION, INC.
Klaus Petersen, Ph.D(Co-Founder)LP RESEARCH
Marcus Olsson(Head of Software Partnerships)VARJO TECHNOLOGIES
Register(Varjo’s website)https://varjo.com/webinar/webinar-building-the-worlds-most-versatile-drivable-concept-car-with-mixed-reality/
AboutIn this free 1-hour webinar, Varjo will host Phiaro and LP Research to explore how they are radically redefining concept-to-prototype workflows in the automotive industry by creating full-scale immersive test-driving experiences.

Their project, with a working title of NGDP, enables designers to take concepts from the screen to the road profoundly faster than ever before. Using a modular, modifiable chassis paired with in-motion tracking and Varjo mixed reality, Phiaro’s state-of-the-art solution creates a realistic first-person experience empowering on-the-fly iterations and realistic testing scenarios.

Learn why this revolutionary tool for automotive design is radically reducing costs, saving significant time on concept iterations, and increasing opportunity for rapid innovation.