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October 1939 Tokyo Kigata Seisaku Co. founded by Junkichi Iwasaki.
Company produces wooden master models of industrial machines.
March 1953 Company produces wooden prototype models of automobiles
September 1958 Company incorporated as Tokyo Kigata Kogyo.
May 1962 Company moves to a larger facility in Itabashi.
September 1967 Hidaka Factory in Hidaka, Saitama Prefecture constructed.
September 1972 Company outgrows Itabashi location and relocates to Niiza, Saitama Prefecture.
April 1974 Takeichiro Iwasaki named as CEO.
December 1976 Metal casting and welding departments established; new facility for zinc alloy casting constructed at Hidaka site.
September 1978 First numeric-control (NC) machine installed. Automated 3-dimensional milling processes begin development.
August 1983 Sayama facility expanded.
April 1986 New factory at Haga Industrial Park in Tochigi Prefecture constructed.
Second NC milling machine installed.
November 1986 Third NC milling machine installed at Sayama facility.
January 1987 IBM UNIVAC computer installed at Sayama facility. Workflows begin incorporating CAD/CAM processes.
July 1988 Phiaro, Incorporated founded in Torrance, California, bolstering business partner support in North America.
April 1989 Phiaro Space constructed in Hidaka, Saitama Prefecture. Development of detailed automotive parts such as custom headlights begins.
August 1990 Tochigi facility expanded to meet growing demand.
October 1992 Tokyo Kigata Kogyo renamed to Phiaro Corporation.
1994 Phiaro, Inc. moves to a larger location in Cerritos to meet growing demand.
July 1996 PW Design incorporated; vehicle design work kicks off with a collaboration with custom motorcycle manufacturer WhiteHouse.
December 2000 Sayama facility expanded with a new modeling studio and large-format CNC milling machine to meet growing demand for design and development work.
February 2001 Phiaro, Inc. moves to a newly constructed facility in Irvine.
November 2002 Merged PW Design with headquarters as the new Design and Development department.
February 2003 Modeling studio added to Tochigi facility.
September 2004 Modeling studio at Phiaro Space expanded to meet growing demand; automotive seat development strengthened.
October 2005 P67b Eternity, Phiaro’s original 3-wheel concept motorcycle, unveiled at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show.
August 2006 Concluded a sales agency agreement with a technology trading company in Shanghai, China.